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Leading the Way to Ensure the Separation Sciences Remain a Powerful Analytical Tool

HPLC 2018-Washington DC will showcase the industry's latest and greatest in instrumentation, software, tools, accessories and consumables covering all areas of liquid-phase separation science and related techniques. This major exhibition offers opportunities to view new product launches, to check out innovative products, to explore ground-breaking technologies, and to discuss challenges and solutions with experts in the booths. Mark your calendar to attend the largest global, multidisciplinary gathering of separation scientists who are looking for immediate solutions to the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow. HPLC 2018 is the conference of the year that covers all areas of liquid-phase separation science and related techniques with state-of-the-art format, stronger content, expanded program of experts, training programs, user groups, multitudes of posters on display throughout the exhibit hall, prominently featured poster sessions, best poster competition, huge exhibition where companies launch new products and showcase the latest instrumentation, software and tools, and abundant networking opportunities! 


List of Confirmed Exhibitors


908 Devices Booth 418
Activated Research Company Booth 412
Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) Booth 216
Advanced Chromatography Technologies (ACE) Booth 310
Agilent Island Booth 314
Akzo Nobel / Kromasil Booth 401
Analytical Scientist Table-top
Axcend Corp. Booth 409
AZYP, LLC Booth 214
Biotage Booth 204
Birch Biotech Booth 208
Chem Service, Inc. Booth 202
Chiral Technologies, Inc. Booth 222
Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley Table-top
CryoBioPhysica Booth 414
ES Industries Booth 311
GenTech Scientific, Inc. Booth 224
GL Sciences Inc. Booth 215
Hamilton Company Booth 116
HPLC 2019-Milan Booth 513
HPLC 2019-Kyoto Booth 511
HPLC 2020-San Diego Booth 509
Imtakt USA Booth 317
International Labmate Table-top
JASCO Booth 307
KNAUER Booth 313
LCGC Booth 399
LGC Standards Booth 323
MAC-MOD Analytical Booth 319
MicroSolv Booth 423
MilliporeSigma Booths 112 & 114
Molex - Polymicro Booths 406
Molnar-Institute for Applied Chromatography Booth 410
Mott Corporation Booth 305
Nanofilm Technologies International Pte Ltd. Booth 213
Optimize Technologies Booth 212
Phenomenex Booth 324
Postnova Analytics Booth 315
Princeton Chromatography Booth 404
Regis Technologies Booth 200
Restek Booth 210
S.C.A.T. Europe Booth 220
SCIEX Booth 322
Sepax Technologies, Inc. Booth 416
Shimadzu Scientific Instr., Inc. Island Booth 118
Shodex, Showa Denko America Inc. Booth 421
S-Matrix Corporation Booth 218
Spark Holland Booth 321
Thermo Fisher Scientific Island Booth 108
Tosoh Bioscience LLC Booth 211
USP Booth 301
VICI Booth 309
Waters Corporation Booths 300 & 302
Wyatt Technology Booth 303
YMC America, Inc. Booth 299


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Our Supporting Scientific Organizations


Analytical Division of the CIC (Canada)

Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry (Austria)

CASSS, an International Separation Science Society (USA)

Central European Group for Separation Sciences

Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group (USA)

Chinese American Chromatography Association, CACA

Chromatographic Society (UK)

Chromatography and Electrophoresis Group of the Czech Chemical Society (Czech Republic)

Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley (USA)

Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)

Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (USA)

Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society (USA)

European Society for Separation Sciences

German Chemical Society (Germany)

Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (USA)


Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences (Hungary)

Interdivisional Group of Separation Science of the Italian Chemical Society (Italy)


Norwegian Chromatographic Group of the Norwegian Chemical Society (Norway)

Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Group, PacMass (USA)

Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Society, International, PBSS (USA)

Society for Chromatographic Sciences (Japan)

Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (USA)

Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (USA)

Working Group Separation Science of the German Chemical Society (Germany)