Preliminary List of Confirmed Invited Speakers



Nancy Allbritton

University of North Carolina



Yi Chen

Institute of Chemistry

Clinic Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis



Gert Desmet

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Understanding the

Effect of Order in Chromatography and Ways to Exploit It



Attila Felinger

University of Pecs




Xiaoyi Gong


Emerging Needs in Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Commercialization – the Challenges, and Opportunities to Analytical Chemistry



Fabrice Gritti


Performance Optimization of High Speed Gradient Liquid Chromatography: How to Cope with Frit and Post-column Dispersion?


Guibin Jiang

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences



Jingwu Kang

Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry


of the Methylation Site of mRNA by Nano-HPLC Mass Spectrometry



Robert Kennedy

University of Michigan



Sergey Krylov

York University

Longitudinal Separation by Transverse Diffusion in Laminar Pipe Flow (LSTDLPF): An Accurate Approach for Finding Equilibrium Constants of Protein-Small Molecule Binding



Matthew Lauber


A Novel Phenyl-Based RPLC Stationary Phase for High Throughput, High Resolution Characterization of Protein Therapeutics


Xing-Fang Li

University of Alberta



Jin-Ming Lin

Tsinghua University

Development of a Microfluidic Device for Cell Capture, Sorting and Metabolite Analysis with Mass Spectrometry



Bifeng Liu

Huangzhong University of Science and Technology

Microfluidic Chip towards Exosomes Analysis and Applications in Biomedicine



Huwei Liu

Peking University

Lipidomics Analysis Methods and Its Challenges in Clinical Applications


Zhen Liu

Nanjing University

Probing Signaling Pathway Proteins of Apoptosis at the Single Cell Level via Plasmonic Immunosandwich Assay



Bassam Nakhle




Janusz Pawliszyn

University of Waterloo

Quest for Sampling/Sample Preparation Devices for High Throughput and In-vivo Investigation of Biological Systems



Erik Regalado


The Emergence of Fit-for-Purpose and Universal Chromatographic Methods in Pharmaceutical Research and Development



Alexandra Ros

Arizona State University

Non-intuitive Separation Schemes for Nanometer-sized Particles and Subcellular Organelles



Peter Schoenmakers

University of Amsterdam



Zachary Schultz

University of Notre Dame

Online SERS Detection for Chemical Separations



Dwight Stoll

Gustavus Adolphus College

New Directions in the use of Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Deep and Efficient Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins



Jonathan Sweedler

University of Illinois



Zoltan Takats

Imperial College of London

Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry - Can We Really Live without Sample Preparation?



Ta-Chen Wei


One-Fits-All HPLC Column: Synthesis of Superficially Porous Particles with Dual Pore Structure


Ronghu Wu

Georgia Tech

Effective Chemical and Enzymatic Methods to Separate Glycoproteins for MS Analysis



Mingliang Ye

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

New Separation Strategies for the Analysis of Methylproteome



Peter Yehl




Hui Zhang

Johns Hopkins University

Enrichment and Analysis of Intact N-and O-linked Glycopeptides using Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry



Kelly Zhang


Emerging Needs in Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Commercialization – the Challenges, and Opportunities to Analytical Chemistry



Lihua Zhang

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Novel Sample Preparation Methods for Deep Coverage Exosome Proteome Analysis



Yingru Zhang

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Characterization and Purification of Macrocycle Drug Substances in Drug Discovery


Yukui Zhang

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Ionic Liquid based Methods for Deep-coverage Proteome Analysis